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Chris GriffithCQTP, MI, REV.
Chris ,is a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner and a Medical Intuitive.
He has been a Medical Intuitive since birth.  He would just hug someone at CQTP.MIthey would feel better from whatever ailment they had going on at the time.  As he began to get older, he started using his gifts more and brought about more abilities.  These abilities grow more everyday. Fast forward, 10 years and he learned that not everyone was doing the same things and he decided to use his ability to help people.  Since then, he has become a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner and works full time in this field.  He has been working Professionally for over 15 years. He is also an avid runner and enjoys participating in the running community.

The human body has natural and subtle energetic connections within itself that identifies what it is that needs repair or attention in its system.  It can be difficult to listen to and is often overlooked or ignored.  A Medical Intuitive has the ability to understand and interpret these subtle signals from the ones he is working on and provide an outline to what ailments are within the body, mind, or spirit.  They can help to develop a holistic plan that is tailored to your exact, personal needs.  They also work with herbs, supplements, essential oils, exercise, diet, and nutrition to help bring the healing from within.

Medical Intuition helps figure out what to work on and gives real time direction for the session.  Quantum Touch then enhances the ability for your body to heal in these specific areas.

WHAT OTHER SERVICES ARE PROVIDED AT Focus on Health Integrative Services?
There are many choices at FOH, including, Electromedicine, Auriculotherapy, Biofeedback, Brain Tap, Quantum Touch, Medical Intuition, Healthy Cooking and Living principles.
Chris in not a Medical Doctor and can not diagnose, treat, prevent, cure, or mitigate any ailment or disease.  The claims above have not been evaluated by any government agency.

3050 S National Suite 100
Tel: (417)885-7010 email: fred@focusonhealth.us
Fred Eagles has had a passion for Edgar Casey's Natural Healing work for the
past 40 years and has been a student of Casey’s health/healing methods as well
as practicing and living the principles found in his work. Fred pursued his studies
at the Casey/Reilly School of Massotherapy, in Virginia Beach. Fred applies this
knowledge both personally and professionally as an independent
practitioner/coach for Health and Wellness.
Fred established Focus on Health to further promote his passion and desire to
bring these practices to the public. As a Health professional promoting stress
management and healthy living methods, he is nationally certified in Biofeedback
and utilizes the EPFX Quantum Energy Biofeedback device in his practice. He
has been a guest lecturer at conferences and workshops in the field, promoting
Edgar Casey’s work and healthy living principles, along with the use of the Stress
reduction device in his practice.

Fred is the Saladmaster Dealer for this region supporting individuals in healthy
living/cooking principles, offering cooking shows/classes.

He is also the consultant for the New CBD Extract Naturals dispensary, for
natural pain and anxiety management.

Emmale Judycki   RN, BSN, CQTPI

Quantum Touch Level I and Level II Instructor and Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Natural Healing Consultation, Creator of "1000X Blessed Pain Relief Ointment", BioModulater/BioTransducer/BioPhoton sessions, co-coordinator for the Annual Natural Healing Arts Fair. Emmale has been in the healing profession as a Registered Professional Nurse (R.N.) since 1989. She has been studying alternative healing modalities since 1998. She is a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner and Instructor for Level 1 and Level 2 (Advanced) workshops, and is a Medical Intuitive. Through the years, Emmale's intuitive abilities have become quite skilled. She is able to follow the inner guidance, if you choose, and create a unique approach to your personal healing process.

She specializes in: Energetic Rebalancing, Quantum Detoxification, Neurotransformational Purification Technique, Soft tissue healing (i.e. wounds, tumors, infection, etc.), Insomnia, Emotional disorders, PAIN CONTROL and DISTANCE HEALING.

As a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner she has successfully worked with a large variety of ailments and injuries with remarkable results. As a nurse, she is able to assist her clients with their Medication Management, by decreasing or eliminating the need for certain medications. (This requires a partnership with your physician).

Her vast array of experience also includes working with animals: Horses (a special love!), dogs, cats, chickens, wild birds, cows, goats,and more!
She is available for PERSONAL Home Visits in the Springfield, Mo area and, by special arrangement, she will travel to other areas outside of Springfield. She is available for Distance Healing Sessions anywhere in the world. As a Certified Quantum Touch Instructor, she is available to travel and teach the Quantum Touch Level I or Level II Workshops outside of the Springfield area. Her approach to healing is centered upon the fact that we each have the ability to heal when we have the tools we need to work with. Empowerment is the key to self-discovery and true healing.

YOU have the power to heal.  Emmale is available to help you learn how! Take a deep breath...You're home now...

To schedule an appointment or with questions, you may contact Emmale at
417-849-0109(cell) or at divinelovemanifested@gmail.com

Faith Nelson Eagles PHD,THD,RN,LMT

                  Integrative Healthcare Provider

Dr Faith has been an RN in the health care profession for over 40 years, with emphasis in Allopathic and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Nelson's experience crosses all disciplines and areas of expertise in the Alternative and allopathic healthcare fields. She has passionately pursued her interests in Integrative Medicine and acquired exceptional insight and aptitude for the expansive use of Integrative approaches. She has had a passion for demonstrating the multidisciplinary approaches, blended with the variety of programs in assisting the Body/Mind to relax, de-stress and normalize.

Dr. Nelson specializes in bio-therapeutics, electro-medicine and Auriculortherapy.  She is certified in the fields of Biofeedback, Auriculo-therapy, Massage Therapy, Clinical Essential Oils, Reflexology/Acupressure and other Energy Medicine modalities.

Dr. Nelson's has a PhD in Integrative Medicine and a

THD in Spiritual Healing/Energy Medicine.

She lectures and consults Internationally in the field of Integrative Medicine and Holistic Living Principles with Natural methods for bringing balance back to the individual. Currently she is striving to create standards for health professionals in becoming Integrative Healthcare Specialists and also providing workshops for introductory classes in Auriculoherapy and simple Acupressure and Self Help tools to use in the home and for homecare Providers with Hospice.

She has also been on faculty with IQUIM (www.iquim.org )and has established state of the art interfacing with the quantum biofeedback device for 1:1 tutoring and online courses for the Integrative Healthcare provider courses.

She is co-owner of Focus on Health, specializing in Pain/Stress management and

Dr Recommended Advanced CBD (Extract Naturals) FOH also specializes in Health Cooking and lifestlye enhancements events.  www.focusonhealth.us

Faith's Licenses, Degrees,  Certifications, & Studies
Current Licenses:  
RN,BSN (Currently active State of Missouri with reciprocity)
Licensed Massage Therapist(Currently active State of Missouri with reciprocity)
Ordained Minister All Faith's Church
RN,BSN  South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD                  
PHD Greenwich University with emphasis Integrative Medicine      
THD HOLOS University Spiritual Healing/Energy Medicine              

Certified Touch for Health/PKP Practitioner www.touchforhealth.us 
Certified Auriculartherpy/Instructor  www.auriculotherapy.org 
Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Instructor www.labofflowers.com 
Certified Master Quantum Biofeedback Instructor/IMMUNE 

Email: pfaihn@aol.com
Telephone: 1-417-693-9540

Office 417-831-7444

Website: www.drfaithnelson.com

SKYPE: drpfaith.nelson