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What is Integrative Healthcare and Energetic Applications?

Energy Energetic Modalities are terms that describe an Health Practitioner’s tools for working with the subtle energies of the body to facilitate relief of the client’s emotional, physical, mental or spiritual symptoms.  There is an upsurge in the direction and use of these modalities, as more people become aware of the direct role stress can play in the disease process.  Energetic medicine does not claim to cure any disease but may be able to re-balance the energetic emotional factors around the disease that could ameliorate the symptoms.   

An Energy Practitioner is one who has studied the human energy system to understand how to support the body’s return to balance and well-being. The Practitioner is a partner with the client in their journey toward establishing a mind-body balance.   The Integrative Practitioner has many effective modalities at their disposal including Bio-therapeutics,(Massage, Touch for Health, Healing Touch, Reiki, Chinese Meridian balancing/flushing, acupressure/reflexology of various microsystems of the body: Feet, Hands, Scalp, Ears), Auriculotherapy, Biofeedback, Aromatherapy, Photon stimulation, NLP, or one of the more than 250 energy medicine modalities now recognized by CAM.  

We are energy!  We are all energetic beings.  We are all familiar with the hospital tests such as the EEG’s of the brain, the EKG’s of the heart, the MRI’s, and the Pet scans.  Fifty years ago no one would have believed we would be able to see inside the body by lying quietly in a long tube.  We can detect defects in an unborn baby.  We are energetic beings and science is learning about our human energy system, and how to support the body to bring these subtle energies back into a balance that promotes wholeness and health.

Energy medicine utilizes the understanding of where and how these energies work in the body to bring us back into homeostasis. Energy medicine looks at the energy imbalances, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, to see how to and where to affect/effect changes that will facilitate a new, healthier balance. Energy medicine seeks to release blocks, organize irregular currents, reorganize jumbled patterns, reinforce weakened systems, and balance what is unbalanced to allow the body to return to its own natural healthy rhythm. Energy medicine serves as a catalyst to the organism to potentiate healing. We have finally reached a space of acknowledgement for energy medicine to now become a part of everyday life. We are learning how deeply our energy systems are affected by how we think, what others think, what foods we eat, and (so important) what we expose ourselves to in our modern life of cell phones, computers, airplanes, and automobiles. Energy medicine is a tool to use in this new understanding of our responsive fluidity to all that is around us. It allows us to reset our magnetics, rebalance our fields, and clear and counter the negative ones while correcting and strengthening the distorted, disturbed, or weakened systems. Energy medicine empowers us to awareness of our own vast potential.