Dr. Faith Nelson Eagles is dedicated to mastering the art of Holistic Energetic Medicine, providing you
with an Integrative approach for your health and well being.  All Optimum health comes from within.


Integrative Health blends Ancient techniques with Modern Technology to  restore balance and normalize the body, mind and spirit to wholeness.

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Faith Nelson Eagles RN,LMT, PHD,THD 

Integrative Healthcare Provider

Mission Statement

No representation contained in these materials is intended as medical advice and should not be used for diagnosis or medical treatment. Integrative Approaches are  never to be used to treat disease; instead, their intention is to remove underlying causes of disease, allowing the body to heal itself. This may seem like a fine distinction, but it is important to point out. We allow the medical community to diagnose, prescribe and treat diseases. We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe, just remove imbalances. Any discussion of medical issues in this content, on websites, in sessions, emails, any form or electronic or other dissemination is not intended to be medical advice for any individual but are simply general comments for educational purposes. Reading this material does not constitute a professional relationship, medical advice, or any other form of agreement. By entering this web site, reading, watching or engaging with the information provided herein, you are taking full responsibility for yourself. You are freely acknowledging and agreeing you understand the knowledge base and all associated risks listed or inferred. Please reads the website before scheduling to insure you are an informed consumer about Spirit-Mind-Body Energy Balancing.

Belief Statement

◾ We believe in natural, non-invasive approaches to restoring health, without side effects. ◾ We believe that everyone should be educated on how to heal themselves and others. ◾ We believe in promoting the practice of these integrative approaches with competence, ethics, and compassion. ◾ We believe in using a model of Integrative Health, which blends Ancient techniques with Modern Technology to restore balance and normalize the body, mind and spirit to wholeness◾ We believe that the right to heal belongs to everyone who sincerely manifests and desire it.     NAMASTE